February 19, 2014


You are always welcome to listen to my music in the players below (scroll down for this). 

Ways to support me.

♥ Buy my album. Support me with buying my album “Distant Run”, which I released in 2014. The album is available on Amazon, iTunes and other digital platforms. Click on one of the logos below to buy it. It will direct you to the shop.




♥ Donate with Paypal.   


With a donation you can make sure, that your money directly goes to the artist itself. This will help me to create more wonderful music. Making and producing music takes much time and energy. It´s truly my passion and at the same time it´s such a hard work.

I maintain my website myself, and so far I´m all alone aswell with writing, recording and mastering of the songs. It can be sometimes overwhelming. There are not many women, who do music all alone. To make a donation is a way to support me as female musician in a male dominated metal music world and acknowledge my work.

With your help I will be able to produce higher quality songs in future and be a role model for other female musicians! I would be forever thankful and you will join my VIP group, who can be part of some extra goodies.


Click the button below to open my donation profile on PayPal. It´s 100% secure!

You need to log in to PayPal first to make any transaction. Donate-to-Cadukeya


Playlist for my album “Distant Run”. Record Label: Cadukeya.


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